Medical and Cosmetology Services in Sugar Land, Texas

Legs, Cosmetology Services in Sugar Land, TX

At Preventive Medicine Institute, in Sugar Land, Texas, we offer a variety of medical services to keep you healthy as well as various cosmetology services. Prevent problems in the future by taking control of your health and wellness today.

Medical Treatment

Our primary care center emphasizes preventative care. We empower our patients to manage and prevent health problems in the future, educating them with audio and visual presentations. Our care helps our patients prevent complications from current illnesses. We provide general medicine and pediatrics for complete medical care for your entire family.

Cosmetology & Therapy

Improve your appearance with our laser surgery for hair removal and tattoo removal. With services for hair regrowth, as well as physical therapy and massage therapy, you can create full body health program at or medical center. We even have ultrasound technicians and technology for monitoring essential body organ function.

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